Matthew Spring Lute


Workshops and Shows

Workshops for all ages

Matthew is a founder member of the group Chalemie that specialises in eighteenth-century music, dance and commedia.  They have performed in numerous historic locations in Britain and abroad.  Chalemie is motivated by a belief in total theatre; the combining of different performance arts to create new dramatic forms. Its own particular focus is on early music, dance and commedia dell’arte. With these as its primary materials it seeks to create a style of theatre that is close to the popular stage of the early eighteenth-century. Matthew’s part in the proceedings is to combine playing instruments (theorbo, hurdy-gurdy, guitar, etc.) with acting roles – he is frequently the villain.  He appears each year as part of Chalemie’s Commedia Festival at the Sands Theatre, Rotherhithe.

 Shows for children

Chalemie offer a range of children’s shows under the name Chalemina.  Matthew and Sara offer a selection of two person shows with costumes and a minimal set – ‘Mr Fizziwig’s Ball’ (based on Dickins), ‘The King, the Minstrel and the Restless Jester’ (based on Henry VIII), ‘Sir Goward the Coward’ (fairytales). Click here to view Chalemie.