Matthew Spring Lute


Current for 2023 programmes include:
An Enlightened Heart (Galliarda)

Galliarda’s ‘An Enlightened Heart’ project highlights the music and performing traditions of women in the eighteenth-century.  With the inclusion of new pieces for early instruments commissioned by group members from young female composers (Jenni Pinnock and Rebecca Rowe) we connect with the developing tradition of female composers today.  We aim to raise awareness of the music, and the often difficult position of women as independent composers, multi-instrumentalists and singers in the age of the enlightenment.  

Dainty fine Byrd – Music from the Elizabethan Age (Sirinu)

The concert showcases Elizabethan music of the home and particularly that of William Byrd in his centenary year.   No source of the sixteenth century presents the rich musical culture of Elizabethan England so vividly, or with such comprehensiveness, as the Eglantine Table.  With music from the great table at Hardwick Hall as a starting point the first half of our concert investigates late Elizabethan domestic vocal and instrumental music, much of it relating to the instruments and music illustrated on table.  A huge amount of Byrd’s music survives in lute books prepared for Edward Paston, a Catholic Norfolk gentleman, for use at home. The second half of the concert features Byrd’s music using Paston’s entabulations with a range of Elizabethan instruments found on the Eglantine table. We also include partsongs, madrigals and consort songs performed with instruments by his contemporaries that relate to birds. 

The Galant English (Duo with Sara Stowe)

Fashionable music from London and Bath in the years around 1750 including songs and instrumental pieces by Handel, Arne and J. C. Bach and the elegantly refined `English Mozart’ – Thomas Linley.  Performed on an authentic 18th century guitar and English harpsichord.